Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Biology resources: Cells

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Being a new Year 11 Biology teacher, I began my year scratching for Cell biology resources that were interesting and engaging for my students. Although The resources that I will share are aimed at Unit 1 Biology, they can be used for other secondary levels, in particular Year 10. (VELS level 6- photosynthesis and respiration; cell division (mitosis and meiosis).

First up is the Cells Alive! website, which is a fantastic site full of cell models, interactive animations, and photo galleries. This site is the first port of call for cell biology, structure and function, mitosis amd meiosis.

(A Scanning Electron Microscope image of pollen grains)

Cells Online is a GTAC based website, with a multitude of worksheets and lesson plans on microscopy and cells. A number of these worksheets have actual Scanning Electron Microscope images of cells and organelles. Since many of the organelles within cells are undetectable using light microscopes in the classroom, it offers students with a different perspective of cells.

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